Is this a scam? Joke? Gimmick?

NO! I am just a regular bargain hunter (like you). In my personal research for a free Wii, I came across this opportunity. Why am I passing this along? Because simply, I would like a free Wii, too!

"So, what's the catch???"

In a nutshell, companies would like you to sign up for their offers. When you sign up, your referrer - earns credits to their account. Depending on which prize you choose from the Gaming Monster Network, you need only a relatively few referals (7 for a Wii) to get your prize. The offers are ones that web surfers see all of the time, 'cept now we have more incentive to sign up!! That's how the companies benefit. They get more sign-ups (i.e. more $$$), and we get prizes.

"OK - I need proof!"

The BBC and CNN have both broadcast stories of how this is totally legit. Companies are more than happy to gain new customers at the cost of a few Wii consoles. Check out the video to the left.

"Sounds good. How do I get started?"

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket Sign up for your free Nintendo Wii at

Do NOT use a fake email address - unless you really don't want them to send your's up to you.

Gaming Monster Network will not sell your email address. However, since you will also be sharing information with their sponsors, I would suggest using a service like GMAIL to create a new email account for this.

Do Not Try To Beat The System.

- - people using the same network (school/dorm room/workplace/house/library) will not count as separate entries
- - using fake registration information to signup for the advertisers offers
- - signing up for the same offer more than once - you can only do ONE offer ONCE, and NEVER even attempt to do it again for the purpose of getting a Wii!

Bottom Line: sign up once on the Gaming Monster Network, have your friends, family, co-workers sign up for their own accounts from their own computers - only 1 account per household.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket Sign up for 1 or 2 of the Advertiser's offers

I know we all tend to shy away from this one, but it's important.

Some trial offers are for 1 full credit, others are for 1/2 credit. Please pay attention to which is which.

Some examples (accurate as of 7/4/07): - 1/2 credit - 1/2 credit
Blockbuster Online - 1 credit
Sirius Satellite Radio - 1 credit

1. Make sure your browser accepts ALL cookies (MSIE is recommended).
2. Disable popup blockers temporarily.
3. Read and understand the terms and requirements of the offer before signing up for it.
4. Keep track of the offers you sign up for. Don't forget to record the details.
5. KEEP any email confirmations you receive. You may need it to get manual credits, if there is a delay on your status screen.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket Tell the Tale! - Refer others

Share your referral link with as many as possible...

Put it into your signature, post it in forums (where allowed), create a blog, DO WHAT IT TAKES!!


Once you get the required number of referrals, just wait for your Wii to arrive. Postage paid, no less!!!


Thursday, July 19, 2007

Have you received your system, yet? we'd like to know! OK, so some of you have already emailed me to let me know...I'd just like to open this up to everyone. Thanks!